Monday, March 4, 2013

Running with my daughter

                                                       Running to the finish with Roxanne!

I am training for my first marathon in 16 years with my 25 yr old daughter, Roxanne who is training for her first, and LAST, she says! For the past two years she has run the Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon and her cousin Chanel talked her into doing the full this year and she agreed. I was shocked as Roxanne really does not enjoy running, she finds it "boring". She loves yoga and dancing and claims she only tolerates running to burn calories but lately, I am not so sure. I think she is turning into a runner!

This week scheduled run was for 18 miles and we had a Landrunner Club Series race of a 25k so the plan was to add another 2.5 at the end for a total of 18. I wasn't as eager to do this as Rox but she wanted to follow the plan EXACTLY so as soon as we crossed the finish line, we grabbed a banana, put our medal in the car and set out. It really wasn't as bad as I thought but Rox did hit a slight wall with about 1.5 miles to go so we walked a lot at the end but as we neared the finish she said she wanted to make sure she was running at the finish just like she plans to run across the finish line at the race even if it kills her! Well, that sounds like a runner to me!


  1. Awesome, Jenn!!! Sounds like you have created a monster there with Roxy (woo hoo!!!). Congrats on your race, and running with your girl! :)

    BTW- I nominated you for a Liebster Award. It's just a way to introduce readers to small blogs and spread blog love. You can read my post here:
    If you think it's dumb, you don't have to participate. I just love your blog and wanted to share it with others. :)

    1. I just saw this Tanya, thank you so much! I love your blog too; I am still learning!