Saturday, March 28, 2015

Gettin in done in Napa

A good friend is one who will do a quick workout with you first thing in the morning. We've rented a small house in Napa with a gated entry so Lisa and I got creative on today's workout. Several sprints up a long driveway did the trick today. 15 minutes of this for 1 mile. A maintenance mile is better than nothing!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Working out and Exploring in Vegas

Working out while on vacation can be tricky sometimes. When I am gone for a weekend I will usually just take a couple of rest days unless I'm at some place where I just can't resist a hike or run, or great yoga class. But travels of more than 4 days require a workout. 4 days is about the max I will go without doing anything, not even anything I consider a recovery workout, like an easy walk, yoga or swim. But 4 days usually doesn't go by unless I am sick. Even through all 3 of my pregnancies I worked out; I can't help it, I just feel better when I do.

This week I am gone for a full week so I've got to do something. Well, Las Vegas isn't exactly the most runner friendly town. It's all concrete and full of people clogging the sidewalks so you are constantly dodging traffic! This morning I got up early when JIm left for his meeting and the first thing I did was trek all the way up and down the stairs just to get the blood pumping. Then I hit the streets for over an hour of walking. I jogged quickly when there were any stairs or incline but the power walk was plenty.

My final stop was to check out the hottest new restaurant in town, Giada's. Reservations are required for dinner and have to be made two months out so I stopped in for a quick coffee and may go back for lunch.

I walked back to the hotel and climbed the 15 flights of stairs three more times and was sweating buckets when I finished! 30 minutes of core and yoga in the room after is all I need for today.

So don't let a vacation interfere with your workouts; running or walking is the best way to explore a city and don't forget to use the stairs!

Photo both at Giada's restaurant is fun to do while waiting. There was no wait for breakfast around 9:30 am and they also take walkins for lunch.