Saturday, March 28, 2015

Gettin in done in Napa

A good friend is one who will do a quick workout with you first thing in the morning. We've rented a small house in Napa with a gated entry so Lisa and I got creative on today's workout. Several sprints up a long driveway did the trick today. 15 minutes of this for 1 mile. A maintenance mile is better than nothing!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Working out and Exploring in Vegas

Working out while on vacation can be tricky sometimes. When I am gone for a weekend I will usually just take a couple of rest days unless I'm at some place where I just can't resist a hike or run, or great yoga class. But travels of more than 4 days require a workout. 4 days is about the max I will go without doing anything, not even anything I consider a recovery workout, like an easy walk, yoga or swim. But 4 days usually doesn't go by unless I am sick. Even through all 3 of my pregnancies I worked out; I can't help it, I just feel better when I do.

This week I am gone for a full week so I've got to do something. Well, Las Vegas isn't exactly the most runner friendly town. It's all concrete and full of people clogging the sidewalks so you are constantly dodging traffic! This morning I got up early when JIm left for his meeting and the first thing I did was trek all the way up and down the stairs just to get the blood pumping. Then I hit the streets for over an hour of walking. I jogged quickly when there were any stairs or incline but the power walk was plenty.

My final stop was to check out the hottest new restaurant in town, Giada's. Reservations are required for dinner and have to be made two months out so I stopped in for a quick coffee and may go back for lunch.

I walked back to the hotel and climbed the 15 flights of stairs three more times and was sweating buckets when I finished! 30 minutes of core and yoga in the room after is all I need for today.

So don't let a vacation interfere with your workouts; running or walking is the best way to explore a city and don't forget to use the stairs!

Photo both at Giada's restaurant is fun to do while waiting. There was no wait for breakfast around 9:30 am and they also take walkins for lunch. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2014 Favorite Things List

Finally getting to my "favorite things" list for 2014. So here goes!

Side note-I'm still learning to blog and am typing this on my phone because I still can't figure out how to get pics to iPad. Also, on another note, I wonder who the hell really cares about my blog and I expressed that to my brother in law and "blog mentor" Terry Clark. His advice was to "write for me" and "who cares" if nobody ever reads it. 

My head has been spinning this week with the terrible news out of OU and I have a lot to say about it. But for now, I am keeping it light and frivolous. 

Jens fav things of 2014

1. First off is coconut oil! I've always used it for cooking and I also put a teaspoon in my coffee every morning but my friends Hillary and Cara have introduced me to the benefits of using it for my body and hair. Cara makes me lotion which I love. I also put it on my hair before I swim at the Y to help with the harsh chemicals.

2. Underwater Headphones - these things are GENIUS! I noticed my friend Cara wearing them and I immediately went to Amazon to buy myself a pair. Trust me, these things help with boredom in the pool and I can find myself going longer when listening to tunes:)

3. My Page boyfriend jeans. I guess I should say that TJ Maxx is a favorite thing because that is where I buy most of my designer jeans for less. These jeans are so comfy and also fashionable, cute with tennis shoes, sandals or even dressed up with booties.

4.  I guess Cara may have to make the list as one of my favorite things because she told me about this wonderful leave in spray hair conditioner called Nevo. After shampooing you simply spray this on and your hair combs out easily and the conditioner is light enough to use along with my regular conditioner in the shower.

5. Nerium. Most everyone has heard of this wonderful night cream by now. You purchase it from a wholesaler and I get it from my friend Ann. At  first I wasn't sure because it's a very thick cream you put on your clean, slightly damp face at night. It makes your face "tight" and I didn't like that feeling at night but now I've gotten used to it and the way your skin feels in the morning is worth it! You just wake up, spash your face with water to "reactivate" the mask and your skin is silky smooth! It's expensive, but it's the one pricey product I use on my face and a little goes a long way!

6. Bare Minerals bronzer and brushes. I use this powder on my eyes and cheeks. This and mascara is all I need for day.

7. Target knockoffs. I have lived in these boots all winter! And for 34 bucks they are a steal. So comfy and cute! Everybody loves a deal at Target!

8. I hosted a Stella & Dot party and got this beautiful pewter bag half price! I carry it every day, it's big enough to fit all my things for teaching class, plus fashionable. I plan to use it for travel too and I don't know what I will do when it wears out but it's holding up great so far!

9. Thing Sling or may be called Loved Handle now. I found this at the Hotter than Hell expo, the guy at the booth was so persuasive and at 2 or $10 I figured, why not. You simply stick it to the back of your phone and it STAYS put! I loop it through my finger like a ring sometimes while running errands and I can even run with it, it just gives that extra bit of security to know I won't drop my phone while listening to music on the run.

10. Again, from Ulta. Ok, so obviously Ulta and TJ maxx are two of my favorite things - this is a top coat for regular mascara to make it waterproof. Works great!

11. Sally Hansen does it again. It's been around forever and is a great product but now they've added a top coat gel polish that doesn't need the light system and it comes off with regular remover. It comes with a color with built in base coat and then this top gel. It goes on thick and dries quickly. I also use it over other polish, not just this Sally brand. My manicures stay chip free for a week!
12. And lastly, my new desk in my new office. Maybe I will get to use it soon but Jared moved back home for a few months right after we purchased and is sleeping upstairs in "my office". 
I had been searching estate sales and on line but couldn't find the right desk. I finally popped into a favorite store El Paso Imports on May. We've purchased lots of items there but they don't really carry a lot of desks. I saw this piece and even though it's really a side or sofa table, Anna the manager thought it would work great as a desk. It's made from an old door and I love the iron legs. It's perfect. Now all l need is a comfy, cute chair and my room back (he moves out soon:) and maybe I will start getting the hang of blogging and do it regularly! 

I've already got a few favorite things in 2015 so maybe next years post will be on time ! 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Where did 2014 go?

It's been over a year since I've blogged and I'm no longer 51 years old, the age I began my blog, Jenniferuns is 51. Well, I'm back and with a new Blog name, SeeJennRun because, A. I'm no longer 51 and B. running is the longest relationship with anything in my life so far and people sometimes tell me I inspire them, so the blog will continue to be a blog about my life, which does include a lot of exercise.

So, where have I been for over a year?Basically, I blame Jim. He invaded my space, my world, my sanctuary, my quiet, my office! As 2013 drew to a close, Jim's company went through some changes and my hardworking, rarely take a vacation longer than a weekend husband, retired! And before I knew it, he was home. With me. Every day.  And at first, we argued. A lot! I mean, this is MY space, my tv, my kitchen, my office, and now he was here and when he wasn't at yoga (which is almost every day now) he is at home in our/my office! Well, I knew immediately this was not going to work so after watching Jim chill out for a few weeks, I decided he needed some projects. So we do what all parents do when their kids leave home and we turned their bedrooms into something else. Sam's room became a home gym and Jim did a fantastic job painting and decorating it! Here it is:

Now, we are working on Roxanne's room upstairs to actually become MY office. My own space! I mean, don't get me wrong, I love my husband and we are best friends but too much time together, especially at home, day in day out can be challenging to say the least.

Thank goodness for good friends and travel. How lucky we are that 2014 was full of travel. We took a cruise with Mark and Rene, then took a great trip to wine country with Greg and Lisa and over the summer, Jim and I took two trips to Colorado! Jim searched "Wine festivals on the internet and we found two, in Telluride and Steamboat Springs. They were both great and we hope to go back this year! Here we are in Steamboat Springs.

Jim and I are blessed beyond belief for this wonderful life we have but if we are going to survive empty nest and retirement we need our space at times. My office upstairs is almost complete. We are learning to "be together at home", even if it means separate office and tv channels:)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Roxanne's first Triathlon!!

Celebrating our finish with champagne and brunch!!

Roxanne is actually reading the rules of the sport of triathlon!

I have been very bad about blogging so will try to play catch up! Most of you know that Roxanne has been my running partner for the last couple of years and this summer I talked her into try a triathlon! 

With only two weeks before the event, we signed up for a sprint Tri. 500 yd swim, 12 mile bike and a 5k run! Roxanne is a swimmer and has become a good runner even though she still claims to hate it but was scared to death on the bike!

She over came her fears in this race! I took her out to the site a couple of times to practice on the dam which would help her learn to shift on hills but she was too nervous to actually ride on the race course, so we did a few training rides at lake Hefner which is flat but going around twice for 18 miles at least gave her the confidence that she could complete the distance!

She had lots of questions for my Tri friends about transition set up and she is so anal it was funny to see her place everything perfectly in their spot for the race. Her biggest problems is she can't stand to have dirty, sandy feet coming up the beach from the swim so she takes extra time to wipe down before putting on her bike shoes! She came out of the water a few minutes ahead of me as expected but I was surprised to still see her in transition when I got there (because she's so picky) but she headed out on the bike as I was coming in off the swim. I really thought I would catch her quickly but she had no fear that day and I did not catch her until after the turnaround! We had not planned to stay together as it's kind of hard to do that on the bike anyway, so at that point we each raced on our own!

I was so proud as she crossed that finish line and I honestly think she finds these events more fun than just long runs, so hopefully next summer I can talk her into doing more!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Master yogi Jim.

Jim went to yoga without me again this evening. We usually go together but I taught a class there earlier today and just didn't feel like getting out again besides I've been doing laundry all day. Sam moves back for 2nd year of college so I'm giving him a treat and doing his laundry and cooking his favorite meal. I'm also not complaining,just reflecting, laughing and hopeful for the future.

When we were first married I worked full time and squeezed in workouts on my lunch hour or took the kids to a gym nursery. Jim worked hard and also lifted weights or played basketball and soccer. I started doing yoga but Jim wasn't into it. Fine. I was busy raising kids and racing, running, and teaching yoga. This went on for 15 years. 

Now our kids are grown and we started cycling together some since Jim doesn't run. We tried golf too but that did not work! I had been bugging Jim for years to get off that boring bike trainer in the winter and join me in yoga. One day he said okay!

So this year Jim finally came to a yoga class with me and was hooked. It's been 6 months now and as everyone knows he is now a "master yogi". 

So why am I hopeful? Almost 31 years of marriage and change is possible! Who knows, maybe he will even start doing the laundry someday:)
Master yogi Jim striking Tree pose in Canada!
Home practice!!!!
Piles of laundry:)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Oh Canada!! Day 1 - Banff

We rented a car in Calgary and made the easy drive to BAnff. As you enter the national Forrest there is a bit of a traffic jam to purchase your ticket. Cost was about 15 per day and they put a sticker on your car which they do check. Banff is a cute town full of shops and tourists! We shopped the first day and had planned to hike but the Mosquitos were terrible so we visited the historic Banff hotel and springs nearby. 
Day two we hiked sulfur springs trail to the summit. We skipped the hot springs as it was just a basically just a big hot tub 

These little bridges are designed for the animals to cross the highway. 
Lake Louise next day. Our hotel was a zoo so we grabbed a delicious meal next to the fairmont called Deer lodge.