Saturday, October 19, 2013

Roxanne's first Triathlon!!

Celebrating our finish with champagne and brunch!!

Roxanne is actually reading the rules of the sport of triathlon!

I have been very bad about blogging so will try to play catch up! Most of you know that Roxanne has been my running partner for the last couple of years and this summer I talked her into try a triathlon! 

With only two weeks before the event, we signed up for a sprint Tri. 500 yd swim, 12 mile bike and a 5k run! Roxanne is a swimmer and has become a good runner even though she still claims to hate it but was scared to death on the bike!

She over came her fears in this race! I took her out to the site a couple of times to practice on the dam which would help her learn to shift on hills but she was too nervous to actually ride on the race course, so we did a few training rides at lake Hefner which is flat but going around twice for 18 miles at least gave her the confidence that she could complete the distance!

She had lots of questions for my Tri friends about transition set up and she is so anal it was funny to see her place everything perfectly in their spot for the race. Her biggest problems is she can't stand to have dirty, sandy feet coming up the beach from the swim so she takes extra time to wipe down before putting on her bike shoes! She came out of the water a few minutes ahead of me as expected but I was surprised to still see her in transition when I got there (because she's so picky) but she headed out on the bike as I was coming in off the swim. I really thought I would catch her quickly but she had no fear that day and I did not catch her until after the turnaround! We had not planned to stay together as it's kind of hard to do that on the bike anyway, so at that point we each raced on our own!

I was so proud as she crossed that finish line and I honestly think she finds these events more fun than just long runs, so hopefully next summer I can talk her into doing more!!

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