Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Where did 2014 go?

It's been over a year since I've blogged and I'm no longer 51 years old, the age I began my blog, Jenniferuns is 51. Well, I'm back and with a new Blog name, SeeJennRun because, A. I'm no longer 51 and B. running is the longest relationship with anything in my life so far and people sometimes tell me I inspire them, so the blog will continue to be a blog about my life, which does include a lot of exercise.

So, where have I been for over a year?Basically, I blame Jim. He invaded my space, my world, my sanctuary, my quiet, my office! As 2013 drew to a close, Jim's company went through some changes and my hardworking, rarely take a vacation longer than a weekend husband, retired! And before I knew it, he was home. With me. Every day.  And at first, we argued. A lot! I mean, this is MY space, my tv, my kitchen, my office, and now he was here and when he wasn't at yoga (which is almost every day now) he is at home in our/my office! Well, I knew immediately this was not going to work so after watching Jim chill out for a few weeks, I decided he needed some projects. So we do what all parents do when their kids leave home and we turned their bedrooms into something else. Sam's room became a home gym and Jim did a fantastic job painting and decorating it! Here it is:

Now, we are working on Roxanne's room upstairs to actually become MY office. My own space! I mean, don't get me wrong, I love my husband and we are best friends but too much time together, especially at home, day in day out can be challenging to say the least.

Thank goodness for good friends and travel. How lucky we are that 2014 was full of travel. We took a cruise with Mark and Rene, then took a great trip to wine country with Greg and Lisa and over the summer, Jim and I took two trips to Colorado! Jim searched "Wine festivals on the internet and we found two, in Telluride and Steamboat Springs. They were both great and we hope to go back this year! Here we are in Steamboat Springs.

Jim and I are blessed beyond belief for this wonderful life we have but if we are going to survive empty nest and retirement we need our space at times. My office upstairs is almost complete. We are learning to "be together at home", even if it means separate office and tv channels:)


  1. Wow, and thanks, especially for the advice on someone being retired and at home all the time ;) So glad I'm an inlaw