Thursday, February 21, 2013

Do One Thing a Day and Don't Feel Guilty About It

I posted this picture on Facebook this morning with the caption "My view while finishing my library book". I got some teasing remarks from my working friends which I knew I would and to be honest, I feel quite guilty most of the time about my cushy life. Anyway, that post was 4 hours ago and to my credit, I would normally be teaching a yoga class on Thursday mornings but classes got canceled due to  ice and snow so I figured I earned a lazy day. I did wake up later than normal, about 7:30 since I was up during the night watching and listening to the storm, couldn't go back to bed, then got up at 5:30 to check the school closings and when I saw that Edmond schools were closed I went back to bed and turned off my alarm. Jim also was sleeping in as he had no cases to get up early for today.

Needless to say, I have not touched that book yet today. I've cooked and cleaned breakfast, unloaded and disinfected the dishwashers, done two loads of laundry, cleaned cat hair off two sofas, mopped the laundry room floor, run on treadmill for 20 minutes, done my morning yoga stretches, made banana bread, showered and cleaned up, sent a few emails and FB messages and sat down and talked to Rox for a few before she left for work. And yet I still feel guilty! Kind of.

I worked two jobs while PG with first baby and then worked full time for about 5 years. No further comments necessary on that, everyone knows how damn hard it is to work full time and raise babies, especially with a husband who had a very stressful job, traveled a bit so basically I did it all.  I was finally able to quit my paying job when Rox born and Jared was 4. Thank God for Fitness Centers with nurseries, Church and Mother's Day out! These years were spent volunteering at all church activities and utilizing the Church nursery and the Gym nursery. I remember my mother telling me she joined a bowling league when I was little just to get away from me for a couple of hours a week to use the free nursery if you joined a league, and Mom hated bowling!

These years flew by and as the kids entered elementary school I of course, did my PTA, and homeroom mother duties. Then as the kids settled into Junior High, I found myself working concession stands, attending more PTA meetings, school board meetings, soccer matches, xc races, ballet recitals, football games, field trips, concerts, plays and carting the kids to various activities, helping with homework, etc. Again, I do realize how blessed I was as most women are doing this while holding down a full time job. I get it, I really do and I am very grateful Jim works as hard as he does to afford me to stay home all these years.

I did start teaching Yoga when Sam was a baby and for awhile I was teaching a LOT of classes. Then when Sam started running and entered Middle School, I was hired to be the Coach of his school Track and XC team and I did this for 6 years and LOVED it! I gave up most of my yoga classes, especially the evening classes and spent two hours every afternoon, plus all day Saturdays coaching. I really think I was good with young women especially and could have continued to do this for a long time but my contract was not renewed when Sam graduated. At first I was really upset. Mom had recently passed away and I was in a huge funk for several months. Then I remembered what Mom said when she retired from teaching. "I do one thing a day and don't feel guilty". I used to joke with her about it but now that I'm kind of "retired"myself I see what she means. Of course, I never worked as hard as my mom did, she worked full time when I started Jr high and quit at age 55. She also ran and did road races and was an avid reader, something I've picked up again now that I've got more time :)

So, Mom, I haven't figured out what my "one thing to do today" is, if it means leaving the house then I guess it will be going to yoga this evening when Jim gets home from work. For now, I'm finally going to finish that library book.



  1. Bravo,
    You are a good writer as,well! Your mom was so kind....! I love that your blogging ...i set mine up but ,havent written !

  2. Thank you Linda! I am still trying to figure it all out myself!

  3. Well done. Knocked the dew off the lily.