Sunday, March 31, 2013

Running Item Product Reviews

Here is a dorky picture of me wearing my new Flip Belt! I've had it about a month now and I love it! I found it on line while searching web sites for Fuel Belts, someone made a random comment about how happy they were with their Flip Belt so I searched and found their site. It's such a simple design and concept, but genious! It's basically a piece of stretchy fabric you can step into or pull over your head and wear on your hips. It has slits in front and back to slide in your items, phone, money, keys, etc. For added security you "flip" the belt over, but I really don't even do that! This belt is great! It doesn't slip at all and my entire Iphone with Otter Case fits inside easily. I have done my 20 mile runs in it and it is so comfortable! They have tons of colors, I got the bright neon orange. I ordered one for Roxanne too and she loves it! It's not water proof but I just use a plastic bag. No more bouncing phones! Try it!
My handheld Amphipod 

My other favorite produce is my small handheld water bottle, the Amphipod. It was purchased here in town at Red Coyote running store, I love it! It only holds about 6oz but that is perfect for short runs and I even use it on longer runs and races and just fill the bottle at water stops thus saving paper cups! I will  never go back to hydration belt. It also has a small pouch for storage, perfect for extra Gu's, keys, electrolytes, etc.!

Happy running!!!

Wearing the flip belt, Iphone is in front 


  1. I read a review of the FlipBelt from another running blog that I read and she loved it, too. Both of you are so thin tho and I'm most definitely....hippy and curvy. I have wondered if it wouldn't ride up (like shirts and race belts do on me). I may give it a try and see. I guess if I hate it I could always give it away on my blog. :)

    1. Tanya, it would totally work for y ou! It comes in S/M/L, we debated between M/L and went with medium. Rox, especially has large hips and it does not ride up! I am trying to get them to the OKC expo but too soon....if I end up with a FREE one from my Review and comments I have emailed to them, you can have it! I will let you know!