Monday, April 22, 2013

I'm a winner!!!

I'm a winner! Soul Yoga, the studio where I practice is doing 30 Poses in 30 days and asked students to submit pictures of the pose of the day! We are halfway through the challenge and I have submitted several poses of course being the "ham" that I am!

It's been a fun way to break down poses, learn the Sanskrit and shift the focus a bit. I must admit, there have been a couple of days that I've skipped either because I was sore or I hate to admit, maybe a pose I did not like. But, my least favorite pose is Eagle pose, and I showed up on that day so yea me!

Here is the first picture I submitted, Navasana or Boat pose! This picture was taken on my friends boat in Miami. I have a great group of girlfriends, we all like to workout but we still enjoy good food, wine and fun and here we are having a little fun!!
Another pose, headstand taken with Roxanne as you can see, in front of the Washington monoument! We got a lot of stares but it was worth it!!!

The winning pose - Dancer! Not perfect by any means, but the setting can't be beat!!!

And this is what I won! Another great shirt from Soul. It's so comfy and soft, I love it! 

I got another surprise today, in that I got to sub my first class at Soul. I was on my way to take class when I got a text that the teacher was sick and could I please help out! Even though I've taught for over 15 years it's mostly been in the fitness centers. I like teaching in gyms because some people are intimidated by studios and might never step foot in one. I took my first yoga class with Hana at a gym and I was hooked. She then convinced me to try some classes at the studios and I tell my students the same thing.


  1. That's awesome, Jenn!! I personally love the boat poses on the boat (although the dancer pose in the mountains is certainly beautiful, too). :) Congrats!!

    1. Me too! thought for sure my boat pose was a winner but no matter, I won!!