Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tomorrow's the big day!!!!

It's here!!!!!!! The night I've been dreading! Going to bed when it's still light outside and waking up at  before the crack, even the tiniest crack of dawn tomorrow! My friend Cara is picking me up at 5AM! so I haven't quite decided when to set that alarm, 3:45 or 4???? I think we all know the delicate "details" of race morning so one has to give oneself plenty of time if ya know what I mean....

So, here's what I've been doing all day - drinking my sports drinks and water like a good little girl.

I didn't even have any wine with dinner, okay, one sip of Jim's!                                                              

Here I am getting taped up by my friend Rocky at the marathon Expo!  Kinesio tape is amazing!
Restorative yoga!!

Nuun and Gatorade!!

I also went back to the marathon expo because I had to, I had to give a talk! I was terrible! In my defense, my friend Kari Watkins thought I would be great and she told my other friend Bill to sign me up! Unfortunately, the topic was "Course Details". Well, shoot, I have run the course, but I don't know every single street but thankfully Bill Snipes and Bill Goodier do so I guess I was just there for comic relief! Anyway, the expo was a lot of fun but I was ready to get out of there and get to my favorite yoga class taught by Emily at Soul Yoga, Relax & Renew. It's a great restorative class and thank you to owner/teacher Allison for recently purchasing blankets to enhance this yummy practice.
we begin with some easy forward bends

A nice stretch! 
My Race outfit is ready to go, complete with red socks for Boston!!!

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